Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sometimes its not the one thing that i want to hold on to.
But it is the only thing that can hold on to.

Friday, November 19, 2010

maybe i should get a tumblr.
im surprised that my password is still saved in my com. but i have forgotten the combination.

Monday, July 12, 2010

i guess a lot of things happened recently. overwhelmed with mixed emotions. i left ns after a year and 4 months. i thought i will be happy to leave that godamn place. but sadly no. i miss the place like hell. all the animalssss, the people and of cos all the shit regardless of human or animals. perhaps its the feeling of being lost. not sure where i will end up and some little boredom? after all its beens quite sometime since i idle at home. thou i still get long off in between work.

tml will be a new challenge with lots of unforeseen matters. even every next day is unknown. u will never know what will happen. thats why ppl always say 珍惜眼前人. u never know what will happen the next day or the very next moment. but seriously how many of us can do it? maybe im not the one u 珍惜? sometimes i wonder, maybe im not putting enough effort in caring the people around me? then i require a mutual 珍惜 care? not a cold face in ur hot butt. maybe maybe maybe. i have lots of question marks running in my head now.
i really dont know.

maybe i should really start contacting some ppl who once pass by my life now. ppl whom i lost contact with but still all require mutual care!!.
and i will definitely need more new friends rather then hanging on with the sistazzz only.

to an old friend lili.
thou we are not close but its nice meeting you for a short period of time. you will forever be pretty just like a lily. so beautiful, so pure but at the same time live as short as a flower.
那么灿烂, 那么美丽.
may you be in your god's hand now and be happy over there. R.I.P

i love love you tan yan shan!! (:
i always know our friendship will last de yh. so no worries about me de. (:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

oh well oh well. yh was complaining that my blog was dead. haha

lazy and nothing much happen for my life la. haha

good news for my mum!! my kitchen window can finally open after for like 2 months??? ever since our taiwan trip as i lock my window frame for safety, but i cant find my key for when i come back. :P

and while i was hanging my clothes just now i saw a black pin and decided to try opening like those in movies. and tadaaaa!! really can open. its either im smart or it shows how vulnerable my lock is. lol.

im finally got a 4!! even thou its 49.9kg. =.= and i can easily get back to 50 even if i take a slip of water. lol but its a great motivation for me!! haha. but i ate alot of junk food ever since mr tan not ard. hahhaha. maybe he will not recognize when he's back. lol

Monday, March 15, 2010

it feels good to be back home, back to singapore and most importantly back to my db!!

but when it comes back to work its siannnnnnnn to the max!!

i want to go back to last friday!! when im still on the coach heading to genting!

taiwan trip was not bad. but maybe i went with my mama, so not that fun cos she not adventurous enough. HAHAHA!!

going to genting is like a preparation for my taiwan. cos its superrrrrrrrrr cold in taiwan!! the first day i arrive is only 10 degree, the next day temperature dropped to 8 degree!! i almost cant recognize my mama!! the last day jumped to 24 degree. very huge difference!!

our meals were all provided so i didnt get to try alot of the xiao chi. which is another sad thing. every meal is a ten course meal with rice just like banquet. how to not get fat like that??? 

and i realise 09th of march 2009 i went bangkok and 09th of march 2010 i went taiwan!!        too much of a coincidence!!  

now i dont want tml to come.cos i dont want to work. :S

Friday, March 05, 2010

hohoh... i'm leaving for genting at night!! hope i'll be able to update with some pics when i come back on mon before tw!! but thats provided i'm not lazy la. 

and ohh!! i finally found my diary!! like finally!
cos i hid it somewhere before i went for sistazz chalet so that my mum wont read it. hahhah!

and for next week 4 days! who want come my house and take care of tipsy!! just bring her out for a walk and feed her can le!! hahah. 

till then take care all my friends!! love you all!! ahhaa 

i always have a habit of writing down a note or so before i travel. i love my family! my sistazzz!! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010


bring 2 oranges for me to eat later pls. :)